Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Delonix Hotel Karawang

Undeniably, it has been months since my last post. Busy days take its tolls and it feels good to be back blogging and connecting with you readers and still hope you enjoy reading my posts.
Having a little bit of time to take a breather, I opt for a staycation at a hotel in Karawang, A very odd city for a mini getaway you might think, a town little of you might heard of and could think of anything exciting and yet I thought It was perfect. I have noticed that this town is steadily developing, new hotels and a new mall are popping out and I wanted to get the feel of it.
Karawang has been, for a while, known for its foreign and local industrial complexes. With these dynamics, many expats (mostly Japanese) are staying in Indonesia for a short stay, around 3 to 6 months or even longer. If you give a closer look at around the city, you will find Japanese influences here and there, hotels, restaurants and golf courses mostly catering these expats.

I stayed at Delonix Hotel Karawang, located in the central area of Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC) just by the Sedana golf club is located. The hotel has two separate buildings being that they had built a newer building right by the older one (not that it is old).

The newer building was where I was staying, simple building with a sense of tranquility for a perfect rest of mind and body. Knowing full well that the hotel’s main guests are Japanese, the hotel is heavily influenced by the Japanese ways of life and to cater most of their needs.
As you enter the building you are greeted by friendly staffs ready to checks you in, there was a breeze of wind created by the ‘wind tunnel’ layout of the building. 

There is a courtyard in the center decorated by a tranquil stream of a Koi pond and when you look up u can see the hotel rooms evenly space giving off that balanced and symmetry that relaxes the eyes.

Delonix Hotel provides 205 hotel rooms and 90 unit of apartments with a garden view and to the golf course view. Offering hotel facilities that does not disappoint; swimming pool, fitness center, meeting rooms, Ofuro bath (almost a ritual for Japanese guests) and Spa. 

The premier room that I was placed has the golf course view which was comfortably spacious of 42sqm area that includes a nice sofa area to lounge and office desk by the flat TV. The kitchenette area allows guests to make themselves coffee or tea with its water boiler or wanting anything cold to drink by putting them in the mini fridge and not forgetting microwave for heating of food if necessary. 

Satisfied with my room, I went exploring around the perimeter of the hotel and in the hope I could find something to eat around the hotel and diminish the need to go out of the complex. There are a few to choose from as it turned out, Miami restaurant specializes in Western food, Sakana restaurant focus on Japanese cuisine and Terrace restaurant where breakfast is held every morning, so I got myself all covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

I started with breakfast at the Terrace restaurant and it was mostly filled with, as you can guess, Japanese. Being used to a breakfast buffet style in most hotels, Delonix separates itself and I was delightfully surprised. The food served was heavy, as in heavily ‘carbed’. All kinds of rice are served for options; curry rice, nato rice, sushi that comes in almost bigger than normal. I was so full by the end of breakfast and almost asked myself what’s with all the carbohydrates but I had figured why they served such heavy breakfast, that is because most of these Japanese guest goes on to work and the hotel made it a point that these expats goes out to work full that lasts until evening if it needs to be. That was my good guess and I might be wrong. One thing I loved about that breakfast was I could drink as much Yakult as I could!

After breakfast and short walk around the hotel, I tried the Japanese Ofuro bath (male only). My first Ofuro bath and a very relaxing experience indeed. First you have to rinse yourself in order to proceed to the bath so you are actually clean submerging into the bath. The baths are divided into two areas, the hot and the cold. It truly rejuvenates and energized me in a way that I should remember to do more of it. The only awkward thing is that I am not used to walking around naked with other naked guys and trying to be relaxed at the same time. I found it amusing.

by the end of my staycation, I was blessed to have an opportunity to have my favorite lunch at Sakana Japanese Restaurant. Yes it is the same as the one in Midplaza Jakarta and Kuningan because these two are under the same management which is Midplaza holding.  

Menus is a little bit different from the one I had in Jakarta but taste wise; it is still delicious. I got myself a bowl of chirashi with rice, grilled unagi bowl and some yakitori as well to complete my best lunch ever. 

At the end of the stay, I had the best stay and definitely coming back for more whenever I need a time out. ‘Til my next post!


Komplek Sedana Golf KM. 47, 
Sukaluyu, Teluk Jambe,
Karawang Barat, Jawa Barat 

PH   : (0267) 644370
IG    : @delonixhotel
web : www.delonixhotel.com

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Sunday brunch has always been my favorite meal on a Sunday. After a good sleeping in, catching up with friends for a good meal and coffee sounds about right.

Cassis Jakarta; after holding a special Sunday brunch each month collaborating with restaurants from other countries, the restaurant finally introduced their own Sunday Brunch menu with delicious selections that would suit the local palate. 

Cassis has always been one of my favorite place to hang out with friends. Bright open monochromatic layout with big windows has all the right ingredients for a cozy and welcoming place to lay back and have a good chat. 

Chia Seed Pudding - IDR 90K

Coconut cream, berries compote, fresh fruits

Acai Berry Bowl - IDR 95K

Frozen acai berry puree,banana, strawberry, goji berry, granola

Before, I always thought Cassis was more on the pricy side for a restaurant, however, the good news is that they heard the wailing of our thinning wallet after every meal and had since adjusted their price and become more reasonable, the range price of IDR 85K to 150K before the tax and service sounds better to me. 

Seared Barramundi - IDR 115K

vine ripe tomato, baby potato, fennel,almond panzanella dressing

25 different menus from their brunch menus serves appetizers, mains and desserts, available from 11am to 4pm weekly. Adding to the perk, for those who like a little buzz with their brunch, the restaurant serves wine and cocktails that definitely will make any occasion a little bit more festive, don’t you think?

Crab Angel Hair - IDR 135K

Angel hair pasta with crab meat, chilli, spring onion, garlic, and corriander.

maple glazed pork bacon - IDR 125K

After trying a few of their dishes, my top pick is the duck and waffle (though nothing could ever compete with the duck and waffle in London that I so raved about in my older post) it is tasty enough to satisfy my craving for a duck and waffle for brunch here in Jakarta. The duck was crispy, moist and most certainly juicy served with two pieces of home-made waffles completed with thick maple syrup, perfection and I could easily rate the dish 4 out of 5-star!

Duck Confit Wafle - IDR 135K

Roasted duck with cucumber and mint salad, sweet szechuan glaze

My second pick would be the Crispy Norwegian Salmon; a thick slice of salmon cooked perfectly with a layer of crispy skin that worth drooling over for. The salmon dish was combined with well-seasoned fresh sautéed vegetable that enables you to have a balance meal of the day (killing two birds with one stone). 

Crispy Norwegian Salmon - IDR 145K

Norwegian salmon with grilled corn salsa, roasted zucchini, and sherry dressing

Save some space for this amazing dessert as well

Cronuts - IDR 80K

Needless to say, I enjoyed my brunch at Cassis (as always) and I strongly would encourage you to arrange your next meeting with good friends in this delightful place that is Cassis.

on my table, handsinframe by @designerdoyanmakan

Cassis Kitchen

Pavilion Apartment Retail Arcade
Jl. KH mas Mansyur Kav 24
Jakarta Pusat

PH        : +6221 5794 1500
IG          : @cassiskitchen
brunch : Sunday 11 am- 4pm